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You googled ‘GP jobs in Australia’…  Was it the promise of sunshine, the thought of lazing on golden sands, plunging into the invigorating surf, dreaming of warm evenings, outback adventure, the amazing wine and world class food… what prompted you to search for GP jobs in Australia? Whatever sparked you into action, in common with the many UK GPs we’ve worked with over the years, these are the things that are most likely to tick all your boxes:

work less 

Working as a GP in Australia you will work fewer hours than you would in the UK and have more leisure time to spend with family and friends and enjoy life – get some work/life balance!

earn more

In spite of working fewer hours, working as a GP in Australia you are likely to earn considerably more than you do in the UK.

and enjoy what you do

UK GPs who take jobs in Australia are excited at the prospect of actually treating patients and doing what they were trained to do.


Welcome to the Alecto website where we take you through the steps to finding your perfect GP job in Australia giving you the opportunity to

live, work and earn well – to live the dream!




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