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Pros and cons of mixed billing

No matter how popular bulk billing is with patients, more and more GPs strive to work in a mixed billing practice. However, we believe it is easy to make a clear case either for or against mixed billing. So, what are the pros and cons of mixed billing? Pros for Mixed Billing Cons for...[…]

Results are in – 65% may be better than 70% billings

The results of our 2017 survey revealed what we have been hearing – 65% of billings generally yields higher earnings than 70% Our 2017 GP salary survey highlighted some interesting facts that we had already started hearing from practices: Of the GPs who are earning 65% of billings, half earn between $350,000 and $550,000...[…]

2017 Annual GP Salary Survey results

The results of our 2017 Annual GP Salary Survey are in! This year there was a high variance between what GPs are earning – however, this all depends on how you work and bill! Please see below our full report. If you have any questions please contact us at Download Results To review...[…]