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Do you need a shot of Vitamin D?

08 February 2019 | UK/Ireland GPs | 3 minutes read

Do you need a shot of Vitamin D?

With less sun-light during the winter months, many people in the UK are suffering from a lack of sunshine – maybe even a vitamin D deficiency.

We’re not vitamin D specialists and you as a GP would know a whole lot more about it than we do, but here in Australia we consume a lot of sun-light and one thing is fore sure – it feels good.

Need a change of scenery?

Perhaps leaving the UK simply for more vitamin D and/or the sunshine is not convincing enough. However, have you thought of leaving the UK for a country that can offer you a better overall quality of life?

You are not alone. Many GPs in the UK are unhappy and as a result decide to leave the country for a rewarding GP opportunity Down Under to reap the benefits of the Australian GP lifestyle. In short – less work for more money. Sounds good?

It’s no secret that GPs in Australia enjoy a higher standard of living than their colleagues in the UK. In fact, many GPs who made the move have only one regret, to not have left the UK earlier.

In our 2018 Salary Survey we have asked many UK GPs about their quality of life in Australia compared to the UK. Interestingly, 92% of the respondents have indicated that the move had a very positive impact on their life.

The economy in the United Kingdom continues to face uncertainty due to the political decision to leave the European Union, known as Brexit.

Brexit affects most people in the UK. Unfortunately, doctors are not spared either.

According to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), 21% of doctors who qualified overseas stated that they plan to leave the UK in the next 5 years or are unsure of their plans and 45% of EU doctors currently working in the UK are considering leaving the UK following the referendum vote, with another 29% saying they are unsure.

Just do it

It’s not a light decision to leave the country you’re used to and start a new life overseas.

However, the decision becomes much easier if you have certainty about some fundamental needs, such as moving to a country that can offer a better life-style and standard of living. You might also want to consider a country with a similar culture and the same language. Moreover, it always helps if you can get lots of support in finding a job, relocating and settling in.

So where do you go? USA? Canada? South Africa? Well, you could, but you’re likely not going to be better off.

Australia on the other hand is the new land of opportunity. Ask your colleagues who made the move. They’ll tell you it’s a no-brainer.

Ready for vitamin D abundance?

Alecto Australia has helped many GPs to make their move to Australia as simple and stress free as possible.

Please contact our recruitment consultant in the UK for advice.

Raelene Stanley-Ware | +44 (0)7808 704050 |

Besides assisting you in finding the best GP job at the best GP practices in Australia, we also create a community that connects and supports UK GPs in Australia. Every year we organise networking events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth where you can meet other GPs and get access to additional professional services.

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