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Significant changes for UK GPs migrating to Australia

26 February 2019 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Significant changes for UK GPs migrating to Australia

Have you thought about working as a GP in Australia? There are a number of great reasons for UK GPs to move Down Under, one of them being the significantly higher earnings.

Unfortunately, the Australian government believes that there is an oversupply of GPs in metropolitan areas across Australia. For this reason, they are introducing the “Visas for GPs” initiative which will have a significant impact on overseas trained doctors (OTDs). However, if you act now you may be able to avoid any complications and restrictions (see below).

Window of opportunity

The Visas for GPs Initiative won’t commence on 25 Feb as originally planned since the initiative hasn’t been approved by the Department of Home Affairs yet. While they maintain that the initiative is scheduled to enter into force on 11th March 2019, there is a good chance that it will be further delayed, depending on how soon the Department of Home Affairs can approve the new legislation.  

We’ve been told that there may be a grandfathering program for GPs who are already partly through the relocation & registration process. One of the main considerations for this will be whether a contract has been signed with a medical practice in Australia prior to the changes coming into force.

While it may be challenging to sign a contract within the next two weeks, our consultants are happy to assist you in arranging introductions and interviews where possible.

Visas for GPs Initiative

The purpose of the Visas for GPs Initiative is to reduce the number of OTDs entering the country each year. The initiative aims at diverting more OTDs into rural and remote areas where there is greater need for them.

Read more about the initiative here.

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Besides assisting you in finding the best GP job at the best GP practice in Australia, we also create a community that connects and supports UK GPs in Australia. Every year we organise networking events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth where you can meet other GPs.

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